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OTA Update an iPhone 5s/iPad Mini 2/iPad Air from iOS 13 jailbreak (untethered or tethered)

OTA Update an iPhone 5s/iPad Mini 2/iPad

This is a tutorial to update an iOS 7-9 iPhone 5s to iOS 10.3.3 (No Blobs required). Never Use For iOS 13 or iOS 12.4 Updated Versions. Bad news if you’re still rocking an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and hoped to install iOS 13. I guess that it is the integrity of the system kept by the semi-tethered jailbreak that make it work.

Untethered jailbreak normally exploit the system during boot, so the jailbreak can completely mess up the system.

This will likely work with the iPad mini 2 and iPad Air, but steps will be a bit different.

As far as I know, THIS tutorial will not work for DOWNGRADING from iOS 11-12 to 10.3.3. I do have a 5s on iOS 12 so I can try to see if doing something else works.

Installer 5 Beta 8 Has Just Been Released, Tweaking The UI, Improving Performance & Fixing Some Issues

I used an iPhone 5s that was on iOS 7.1.1 (From the random 2018 signing thing) and my iPhone 8 died, so I decided to try to update to iOS 10.3.3.

OTA Update an iPhone 5s/iPad Mini 2/iPad
OTA Update an iPhone 5s/iPad Mini 2/iPad

If you have an iPhone 5s/iPad mini 2/iPad Air on iOS 7.0.x, (as in 7.0.6 or below AND NOT JAILBROKEN) then SKIP TO STEP 10.

What you will need:

NOTE: This will erase all data on your device, so backup your data if you want to preserve.

  1. Begin with downloading Cydia Eraser and Apple File Conduit 2 from Cydia. (DO NOT USE CYDIA ERASER JUST YET).
  2. If you’re on a fresh install of Windows, download iTunes 12.1.1, if not on a fresh install, downgrade iTunes to 12.1.1.
  3. Download iFunbox for Windows.
  4. Download the SystemVersion.pilist for your iPhone or iPad. [7.0.2 for iPhone, 7.0.3 for iPad]. You are downloading rather than editing because if your format changes, it will get corrupted.


Disable FMI, Touch ID and passcode, log out of iTunes + iCloud. Do leave Wifi enabled, and connect your iOS device to your machine and open up iFunbox. You should see you have access to your iOS device’s file system

IOS 13 Jailbreak / IOS 12.4/ IOS 12.3.2 Jailbreak Achieved With Cydia By Sparkey

This next part WILL be confusing, so READ CAREFULLY. Watch a video on how Cydia eraser works so you have a better idea. Basically, Cydia eraser will download original system files from Apple’s servers, and replace them so modified shit from your Jailbreak goes away.

You should see “downloading bill of materials” and you will know it is working when a bunch of shit comes up on your device (Cydia eraser did not work at first for me, gave me errors and had to quit the app many times for it to finally work).