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Installer 5 beta 8 has just been released, tweaking the UI, improving performance & fixing some issues

installer5_lbeta 8

This update contains several new features, API changes, bug fixes & performance enhancements & starts a process of decentralizing important features in Installer.

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Installer 5 early BETA is now available. Please read the entire post before downloading. Be aware, this is a beta product. For more information see:

Installer 5 beta 8
Installer 5 beta 8

Most of these changes are due to user feedback, and we’d like to thank everyone who is helping us improve Installer.

We are sincerely thankful for everyone’s fantastic feedback.

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Installer 5 beta 8 Change log

• Fixed updates staying detected after packages’ source removal

• If a search return 0 packages Installer search by developer name instead

• Dependencies and System / Development packages are exclude from the download stats

• You can now follow a developer directly from the corresponding search cell without opening his page

• Added a Follow / Unfollow button in the contact developer view to allow following a developer who haven’t set an AppTapp account yet

• Added animations to cards height changes for a smoother feeling

• Moved the import sources option from the manage tab to the settings

• Get buttons’ width are adaptive

• Fixed a crash occuring when hitting Cancel in the search bar and launching a search again

• Fixed settings switches being out of the screen on smallest devices (5S / 5C / SE)

• Fixed the packages banner (including lags and pulling / collapsing animations)

• Fixed navigation bar glitches after having transition from depictions to another view when a banner is shown

Installer 5 beta 8 Softer cards shadows for a cleaner look

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• Slimmed down the sources cells and replaced some text with icons for a cleaner and more coherent design

• Added the installed packages information to the source’s details view

• Slimmed down the search cells for a better consistency

• Fixed the slimmer sources cells constraints

• Fixed layout issues when rotating the screen (especially with cards)

• Fixed a rare Changes tab UI lockup and scroll conflicts

• Fixed other UI glitches

• The following developer feature has now been decentralize. You can follow any developer, regardless if they have an apptapp account or not.

• When searching for a developer, all packages made by him or her will now show, regardless of name. This way you can quickly discover more packages by your favorite developer.

For bug reports we prefer our forum or twitter account, helps manage them more easily.

Again, we’d like to thank everyone for their continued support & feedback.

Installer 5 beta 8 is still an early beta version, bugs are to be expect. We are continuously working to improve Installer. If you’d like to join the team let us know.