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How to fix an iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop iOS 14.4 (Stuck on Apple logo) 6 Solutions (iPhone 12/11 Supported) – Bypass_iCloud

fix an iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop iOS 14.4

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to fix an iPhone stuck in a boot loop also known as stuck on the apple logo. This guide will show you how to fix an iPhone that keeps restarting and is stuck on the apple logo. You may be suffering from restarting loops with your iPhone or iPad now when you find this article. This problem is common and can happen to any iPhone or iPad at any time for a variety of reasons. Reboot loop happens when the device tries to startup but cannot complete the startup process.

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Your device might get stuck in a boot loop when you turn on your iPhone after an iOS update, restoring the iPhone from a previous backup, or even when you try to call a friend. You must have tried to force restart the device, but as soon as the device opens, it starts to boot again.

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Loose battery connection or bad battery, faulty iOS update, and unsuccessful jailbreak are some of the common causes of boot loop problems affecting various iPhone models including the iPhone 7.

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This is a very common issue and I have a number of methods that will likely solve this problem for you. Make sure you follow along to fix this problem.

First solution: Restore iOS in the recovery mode using iTunes.

In this method, you’ll need to enter recovery mode first and then select the option to restore iOS. You may opt to restore your device to a previous iOS backup that more stable or restore your iPhone to factory defaults.

How to fix an iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop (Stuck on Apple logo)

A lot of complex software issues are rectified by a recovery mode restore in both Android and iOS devices. Nonetheless, some problems may be just tough enough to withstand and manage to persists after the procedure.

Second solution: Restore your iPhone 8 in DFU mode using iTunes.

If a recovery mode restores failed to fix the problem, then your next possible solution is a DFU or Device Firmware Update mode restore. It’s regarded as the deepest type of restore that can be done on iPhones. It puts your device in a state where it’s able to communicate with iTunes without activating the bootloader or iOS. Again you will need to use iTunes on a computer to carry out this restore.

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